Pihl Logging

Ax Men, Pihl Logging

Location: Vernonia, Oregon

Pihl Logging has sought redemption in the battle of the loggers for the last three years and failed to find it each time. This year, boss Mike Pihl is looking to put an end to Pihl’s losing streak with two major moves: one, put son-in-law Kelly Baska in charge of keeping his unruly crew in line, and, two, bring in a new greenhorn to keep them all on their toes. The new greenhorn’s name? Leah Proctor. She’s worked as a forest fire fighter and knows the stereotype she’s up against. “Some people think a girl can’t or shouldn’t work hard, but I’m out here to give them a little switcharoo,” she promises.

Leah will have an uphill battle winning over this cantankerous crew. The old gang is back–including crusty yarder operator Leland Bontrager and a few new rigging slingers with strong opinions and little tact. The crew will have to get it together if they’re going to conquer this summer’s two jobs–Dog Bite and Grindstone–because there’s little room for error.