Rygaard Logging

Location: Port Angeles, Washington

Rygaard has always boasted a veteran crew of loggers led by Gabe and his father, Craig, but this season the Rygaard team is taking on a new, younger look. Craig retired last season, and now Gabe is starting over with a new crew of greenhorns.

The only other returning crew member from last season is Moe, Gabe’s most senior logger and new yarder engineer. Greenhorn Austin is Gabe’s most promising prospect, and what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in heart. Albey is Rygaard’s new whipping boy; he’s lovable and hard-working, but sometimes his head is as thick as the logs he unchokes.

This new crew might not have much experience, but one thing remains the same: Gabe’s relentless pursuit to be King of the Mountain.

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