Rygaard Logging

Location: Port Angeles, Washington

For the first time in years, Gabe isn’t the reigning king of the mountain. But, he’s got a plan to get back on top: take the company deep into the Olympic Mountains, to a site that hasn’t been maintained in over 60 years. It will be the most remote site he’s ever faced.

But, there is competition. His brother, Jason Rygaard, started his own logging unit to go head-to-head with Gabe and he is determined to prove that he’s the rightful heir to the Rygaard Logging empire.

Gabe’s failure last season forced his father, Craig Rygaard, out of retirement, surfacing questions as to whether or not he can carry on the family legacy.

It’s brother vs brother for the “king of the mountain” title, and the winner gets control of the Rygaard Logging empire.

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