Ax Men

In the wilds of British Columbia, Triack owner Dave McRae works some of the most unforgiving terrain in North America. He’s admittedly the black sheep of the logging industry, taking on jobs that others won’t even consider.

One trick to his success is “chucking,” a technique so dangerous that it’s not even legal in the U.S. Chucking is simple: when faced with an especially brutal downhill site, crews drive shovel loaders up the steep cliffs, grab logs, and literally chuck them down the hill. The method is faster, cheaper and more deadly than anything in the lower 48, and just may be enough for Triack to be the first to take the “King of the Mountain” title across the border.

Working in such extreme conditions makes it hard to keep a crew year round and sometimes Dave McRae has to work with a less than ideal team–including his own son, Kelly McRae, who he had to fire in the middle of last season.