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Save Our Histoy

Save Our History is an Emmy® Award-winning outreach initiative launched by HISTORY in 1998 to further historic preservation and history education. The program supplements the teaching of history in America's classrooms, educates the public on the importance of historical preservation, and motivates communities across the country to help save endangered local historic treasures.

From oral history to physical restoration, Save Our History projects provide excellent opportunities for students to discover more about the past through active learning.   This site features examples of Save Our History projects to inspire communities to organize their own historic preservation activities and programs. Save Our History lesson plans, many of which are based on HISTORY original on-air documentaries, give teachers ideas for how to link historic preservation projects to their in-class lesson plans.

For many years, HISTORY offered grants as part of the Save Our History program. While we no longer feature a grant program, this website provides examples of best practices in historic preservation and links to related organizations and agencies to help jumpstart historic preservation activities.

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