Cryptid: The Swamp Beast FAQ

What does “cryptid” mean?

A “cryptid” is an unidentified creature whose existence has not been scientifically substantiated–i.e. Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, etc. There are cryptid legends all over the world with sightings on every continent. Many cultures have Bigfoot-style myths as well as shape shifter myths which are featured in this series.

Is the series real?

The plot of Cryptid: The Swamp Beast is fiction based on real sightings and weird events, but it’s a story nonetheless. Some of the people are actors, others are local people who help carry the narrative. But the show also features actual eyewitness interviews and experts weighing in throughout the dramatization that give the series real-world context.

What is the program’s intent?

This program is a legend brought to life. Down in Louisana, there are a lot of strange legends. One concerns the Rougarou, a kind of shape shifter and boogieman. While not widespread, there are certain regions where the belief in this creature is strong. This series brings that legend to life and tells a horror story by weaving in reported sightings, Bigfoot legends and folklore. It’s an entertaining fictional story, however, it is filled with real history, information, and fascinating context.

How can I tell what’s real and what isn’t? 

That’s part of the fun! A legend itself is murky. You don’t know where truth ends and superstition begins. Part of the fun is figuring out what’s pure story and what’s strangely true (or based on true things). The show will hopefully spawn a lot of curiosity that leads to a real appreciation for American folklore.