Clint, Bruce and Nate

A seasoned, sophisticated and self-taught dickerer, Clint resides in his hometown of Sangerville, Maine. Clint has been dickering since childhood and has been nicknamed “The Fixer” due to his ability to quickly fix anything and everything mechanical. Clint works with Bruce and Nate. In addition to dickering, Clint also works as a roofer.


Bruce is nicknamed “The Closer” because he is known for spotting, making and closing deals for cars, snowmobiles, tractors and just about anything with a motor. Bruce also works several other jobs—he is a farmer, a mechanic and a truck driver. Bruce’s father taught him dickering when he was nine years old.


Nate,  the youngest of his dickering group, is nicknamed “The Apprentice.” He is engaged to Clint’s daughter and is eager to learn the dickering craft, but is still green. Clint has taken Nate under his wing and is teaching him the tricks of the trade so that his daughter is in good hands.  Nate is also an adult education teacher.