• Mantiques Roadshow

    Premiere Date:November 26, 2014 - 10:03-11:03PM ET

    Tony, Codfish and Duke use their dickering skills to renovate their old hunting lodge, in order to raise the value of the property. Clint and Bruce make a bet to see who can find and fix up the coolest vintage vehicle. And Speedy and Tin Man are men on a mission to find vintage signs and other "mantiques" they can buy and re-sell to their collector pal. But will all their hunting and gathering pay off, or just empty their piggy banks?

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  • All Jammed Up

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    Premiere Date:November 19, 2014 - 10:03-11:03PM ET

    On this particular Thursday, Tony, Codfish and Duke find themselves with real estate on the brain. They set out to get their hands on nine acres of prime land up in hippie country that they can turn around quick for a sweet chunk of change. Meanwhile, over at Yummy's place, Mitch shows up with a truckload of empty jam jars and a head full of ideas–he wants Yummy to make a massive batch of his famous jam and find a place to sell it for fun and profit. Over in his neck of the woods, Clint and his future ex-son-law Nate do some suburban lumberjacking, and as payment for their axe-wielding, they end up taking home a seen-better-days '71 MG Midget.

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  • Let's Make a Deal

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    Premiere Date:November 12, 2014 - 10:03-11:01PM ET

    In Maine, Thursday is Uncle Henry's Day. Dickerers from all over the state use Uncle Henry's to buy, sell, swap and trade to support their free-wheeling lifestyles. Tony wants to serve delicious fresh lobster at his family reunion, so he and Codfish head to the shore to dicker for the Maine delicacy, and wind up hitting the high seas to earn it. Meanwhile, Clint, Nate and Bruce agree to clean up a notorious hoarder's barn, hoping the hoarder will agree to sell them some of his precious keepsakes. And a new pair of dickerers, Speedy and Tin Man, sell a brand-new customized pontoon boat–then must go on a dickering spree to earn the materials to build it.

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