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God, Guns & Automobiles

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S 1 E 1

Welcome to Max Motors

Aired on Jul 08, 2013
Welcome to Butler, Missouri, where the wheeling and dealing at Max Motors never stops. Owner Mark Muller is an old-fashioned businessman with an unorthodox style that always shocks and scares his baby brother, Chicago radio legend, Erich "Mancow" Muller, who's a partner in Max Motors. Despite Mancow's pleas to play it safe, Mark promises his staff he'll blow up a car "like in the movies" if they meet their monthly sales goal.
S 1 E 2

Muller's Way

Aired on Jul 08, 2013
Max Motors' ace salesman, "Cowboy" Matt Harvey is in trouble with the law and turns to Mark for help. If Matt can clean up his act, and get into riding like he did back when he was a professional bull rider, Mark will bail him out. Meanwhile, Mancow learns the hard way how to do business in Butler when he spends a day out with the repo team.
S 1 E 3

Cowboys and Aliens

Aired on Jul 15, 2013
When Mancow shows up in Butler with a toy drone, Mark hatches a plan to throw one of his most creative sales promotions ever--it's an elaborate scheme involving aliens, UFO's and out-of-this-world prices. But will the staff meet the challenge set by the boss?
S 1 E 4

Midnight Madness

Aired on Jul 15, 2013
In an attempt to bring some big city pizzazz to the dealership, Mancow bets Mark that a "Midnight Madness" sale will generate a ton of business for Max Motors. What Mancow doesn't understand is that things work a whole lot different in the country. Meanwhile, Mark hires a new personal assistant, Jason, who has to deal with being "the new guy" at work.
S 1 E 5

The Great Gun Buyback

Aired on Jul 22, 2013
In order to create buzz at the dealership, Mark collaborates with the local Sherriff's department to host a gun buyback event where the community can trade in their unwanted weapons for cash. Old and dangerous weapons are destroyed on the spot and Mark adds a couple of beauties to his private collection. Meanwhile, Mark's son, Max turns to his father for a job. Against his better judgment, Mark gives him a shot.
S 1 E 6

Urban Cowboy

Aired on Jul 22, 2013
When Mancow calls Mark with an opportunity to buy his dream car--a 1957 Black Cadillac convertible, Mark immediately flies to Chicago to seal the deal. Back at Max Motors, Rod is left in charge of the dealership and realizes it's not that easy to be the boss.
S 1 E 7

Demolition Men

Aired on Jul 29, 2013
With a bunch of old trade-in cars destined for the scrap yard, Mark gets an idea to motivate the sales staff and have some fun. His three top salesmen that week will get to ride against him in a demolition derby contest. But when Mancow finds out that Mark hasn't included him to competition, he takes matters into his own hands.
S 1 E 8

Fight Night

Aired on Aug 05, 2013
Mark hosts an evening of cage-fighting at the Max Motors lot to sponsor Mongo's return to the sport while also attracting huge crowds to the dealership. As Mongo trains for the fight of his life, Mancow sees an opportunity to cash in as his new manager. Meanwhile, Larry's sanity is stretched to its limit trying to organize the big event around Mark's increasingly steep demands.
S 1 E 9

Respect the Vet

Aired on Aug 12, 2013
The dealership is forced to scramble when their weekend sales event falls through. At the last minute, Mark decides to host a Veteran's Appreciation Day, leaving Larry in charge of planning the logistics. Meanwhile, Amy bets Mark that he can't go a week without buying another car for his personal collection, and Mark tries his best not to cave in to temptation.
S 1 E 10

Shine On

Aired on Aug 19, 2013
Mark and his son Matt decide get into the moonshine business, and enlist the aid of Butler's best brewers. But to get Erich on board, they'll have to prove to him that moonshine isn't just for local folks. Meanwhile, Jason struggles to balance his duties for Mark while also training Mongo for his upcoming cage-fights.
S 1 E 11

Family Circus

Aired on Aug 25, 2013
When the rodeo comes to Butler, Mark is caught under-staffed during the busiest weekend of the year, forcing him to recruit his wife Amy and their three sons to work the dealership. Meanwhile, Erich butts heads with the local radio station when he brings his big-city shock-jock radio show to small town Butler.
S 1 E 12

Speed Auction

Aired on Sep 02, 2013
Mark's mother is in town to spend some quality time with the family. But Mark is so overwhelmed with getting the dealership's old trade-ins to one of Missouri's biggest auctions that he can't find time for his mother. Meanwhile, Erich must cover for Mark by showing their mother what Butler has to offer.
S 1 E 13

The Art of the Retreat

Aired on Sep 09, 2013
Construction has commenced on the Max Motors lot and brings business to a standstill. Mark shuts things down at the dealership and invites Erich and the boys to a work retreat Max Motors style. Meanwhile Larry and a skeletal crew secretly prep for the Five Dollar Car Sale!
S 1 E 14

Going Big Time

Aired on Sep 17, 2013
Mark and the Max Motors crew are gearing up for a big reveal on the lot, but Mark's having a hard time with "Cowboy" Matt Harvey and must teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, Erich has been given the responsibility of acquiring fireworks for Max Motors' big reveal. Not knowing where to begin, Erich recruits Rod to be his fireworks liaison to Butler.

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