Mark Muller

Mark Muller stands 6’2” and never leaves home without his freshly shined cowboy boots and Stetson hat. He’s a tough loving, God-fearing, thrill-seeking, all-American archetype. He calls them like he sees them, never backs down and loves cars. At age 42, he sold his Kansas City consulting business and retired to the center of the American heartland.  Six months later, however, Mark realized it was a sin to sit around being lazy when he was blessed with a talent for business. He bought a humble car dealership in Butler, Missouri and rechristened it “Max Motors,” named after his first son. It has grown to become one of the most controversial dealerships in the nation, due to Mark’s unconventional sales promotions and marketing stunts. Over the years, he’s expanded his empire to include an additional dealership in nearby Nevada, Missouri, as well as a finance and towing company.