About Ice Road Truckers Season 9

The battle for supremacy on the winter roads begins a bold new chapter. After two seasons of domination, Polar Industries is back to defend its place as load count champs in Manitoba, but Darrell Ward is ready to take on his former employer with his upstart company. He’s also stealing one of Polar’s superstar drivers to help him try to win the fight–Lisa Kelly. After breaking through the ice at the end of last season, not only is Lisa joining forces with the Montana Legend, she’s even getting a percentage of the company.

In this epic battle of David vs. Goliath, the tiny company is willing to brave any and all available jobs in order to compete with Polar–no matter how far or how dangerous. Polar boss Mark Kohaykewych isn’t taking the threat lying down. Along with trucking legend Alex Debogorski and seasoned pros Todd Dewey and Art Burke, he brings in a new trucking ace, Mike Simmons, to help amp up his forces.

The fortunes of both companies are put to the test as the thaw comes in record time. Roads turn to mud and ice crossings turn into running water. With big money and critical supplies on the line, there’s no time to stop. The ice road truckers are forced to plow through the toughest conditions they’ve ever faced. When virtually every other truck on the road is running for the sidelines, the two teams bravely keep moving forward–and suffer the consequences.

It’s a season for the ages and one the drivers will never forget.