Mountain Men

A new season brings even greater challenges for mountain men old and new. In the frozen wilds of Alaska’s Great Northern Range, bush pilot and fur trapper Marty Meierotto hopes to rebound from a disappointing trapping season, but a late-arriving winter threatens to derail him before he can even get started. In the isolated Yaak Valley of northwest Montana, Tom Oar and his wife, Nancy, must battle all-consuming wildfires and repel a host of natural invaders ranging from marauding grizzly bears to a pack of wolves. Meanwhile in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Eustace Conway struggles to repay a hefty cash loan that he took out in order to save his land from a government lien.

Joining their ranks this season is Rich Lewis, a mountain lion hunter who leads a team of well-trained hounds in pursuit of one of North America’s deadliest predators. Rich is hell-bent on running off one cat in particular: Three-Toes, the lion that killed his best dog. However, he also uses his skills to track down the poachers who seek to kill the lions and the wolves that prey upon his neighbors’ livestock. Also joining Mountain Men this year is George Michaud, a trapper who is devoted to Native American hunting and trapping techniques and relies on his dogsled team to navigate the terrain of Idaho’s Grand Tetons. Rounding out the cast is Charlie Tucker, an ax man-turned-mountain man who has left the only job he’s ever known to pursue his dream of trapping fur full-time in the forests of northern Maine. Using ancient skills and innate ingenuity, these men fend off nature’s ceaseless onslaught, carving out the lives they’ve chosen from a harsh and unforgiving landscape.