Jason Hawk

Mountain Men, Jason Hawk

Bladesmith, hunter and homesteader Jason Hawk has been living by ancient means and leading a natural way of life since the day he was born. Raised in Arkansas’ Ozarks and forged in the heat of the Arizona desert, Jason has spent 38 years in the wild honing his skills as a survivalist to ensure he can not only persevere in any environment, but also thrive. Jason’s way of life is steeped in the traditions of frontiersmen and Native American tribes, and he practices a philosophy of harmony with nature, simplicity and independence. This philosophy formed the foundation of the life Jason built for his family in Arizona’s Sonoran desert, where he supported his wife Mary and their six-year-old daughter River by the meager income of his bladesmithing business and by the yield of the land. Recently, however, the worsening weather conditions, plummeting game numbers and shriveling crop yields in the desert are making it impossible to feed a family. This year, Jason is pulling up roots and returning to his home state in search of a better future, but nothing comes easy in the mountains. The family will have a lot of work ahead if they’re going to turn their Civil War-era farm into a home.