Kyle Bell

Mountain Men, Kyle Bell, Ben

In New Mexico’s Cimarron Valley, winters are vicious and unrelenting, pelting the mesas and canyons with 44 inches of annual snowfall and bone-chilling winds of up to 30 miles per hour. The land is wild and untamed. You’re more likely to run into a black bear or a coyote here than another person, and that’s just the way Kyle Bell likes it. Kyle spent his youth on the rodeo circuit wrangling bulls and buckin’ broncos, but the wild always called to him. After 20 years of broken bones and hoof-shaped bruises, he decided to answer. He’s been living off the land ever since. Kyle, a hunter and outfitter by trade, runs his hunts over 45,000 acres of rugged land. This year, Kyle’s ten-year-old son, Ben, is old enough to start learning the skills he’ll need to live off the land. Together the Bell men will work to survive one of the most brutal winters they’ve seen yet, as Kyle prepares his son to carry on the mountain man tradition.