Marty Meierotto

One hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle, deep in Alaska’s rugged wilderness, lives the mountain man Marty Meierotto. Marty was eight years old when his father took him trapping for the first time. At the age of 25, a tough economy forced Marty to move to Alaska with just $10 in his pocket. Since then, Marty has become one of Alaska’s top fur trappers and an outdoorsman like no other. He eats only what he hunts and lives by nature’s code to survive in a place that men were never intended to inhabit: the “last frontier” of the Alaskan wild.

Marty has had to defer his dream of living off the grid full time, so he can come home to his wife, Dominique, and daughter, Noah. Dominique and Noah are Marty’s biggest supporters, encouraging him to follow his greatest passion: working a trapline in the forests of northern Alaska. It is excruciating for Marty to be away from his wife and little girl while he covers the 125 miles of his trapline, but he has to abide by his soul’s calling. Last year was one of Marty’s most difficult to date, marked by constant equipment failures and a disappointing yield of furs. Marty is determined, if not desperate, to have a better trapping season than last year, leading him to enlist a helper: University of Alaska student Andy Pribonic. If this trapping season doesn’t go better than last year’s, Marty may have to give up the mountain man lifestyle for good.