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  • SEASON 5 17 episodes available
  • SEASON 4 17 episodes available
  • SEASON 3 16 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 16 episodes available
  • SEASON 1 8 episodes available

Full Episodes

S 5 E 16


Aired on Sep 15, 2016

Tom pays the price for two consecutive failed winters; Morgan calls in reinforcements for his horses; Eustace and Preston harvest a hog and Rich makes a pick of the litter.

S 5 E 15

I'll Go Down Fighting

Aired on Sep 08, 2016

Tom scrambles a last minute bear hunt to save his season; Morgan fights for his future with fire; Eustace has an unexpected showdown.

S 5 E 14

The Sting of Defeat

Aired on Sep 01, 2016
Tom washes out in Idaho and retreats to the Yaak; Eustace races to stop a breakout and Morgan battles predators large and small.
S 5 E 13


Aired on Aug 25, 2016
The river deals Tom's season a fatal blow; Marty fights the ice to make it home and Jason battles a deadline to deliver for his family.
S 5 E 12

Rock Bottom

Aired on Aug 18, 2016
Tom hits the rocks with only weeks of winter left to go; Morgan seeks protection from the bears and Jason fires up the forge.
S 5 E 11

The Bull & The Bear

Aired on Aug 11, 2016
Marty begins an epic overland journey into the Alaskan bush; Morgan clashes with a ravenous grizzly bear.
S 5 E 10


Aired on Aug 04, 2016
Eustace struggles to accept the reality of his injuries; Marty scrambles to recover from a costly blow and Tom finally makes a breakthrough.
S 5 E 9

Crash and Burn

Aired on Jul 28, 2016
Tom takes on the Snake; Marty's new opportunity goes up in smoke and Eustace takes a hard fall that puts him out of commission.
S 5 E 8

Killer Instinct

Aired on Jul 07, 2016
Rich hunts a known dog-killer on unfamiliar ground; Morgan goes to great heights to protect his food supply; Tom harnesses the power of a bird of prey.
S 5 E 7

Freeze Out

Aired on Jun 30, 2016
A jackpot slips from Tom's grasp; Morgan's last ditch effort to find food takes him into the treacherous peaks; and Marty is driven off his line.
S 5 E 6


Aired on Jun 23, 2016
A hard truth forces Tom to do the unthinkable; Morgan goes on a do or die hunt in the high peaks; Marty discovers competition on the line.
S 5 E 5

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Aired on Jun 16, 2016
Tom and Nancy divide and conquer to get ahead; Eustace makes a breakthrough with his lumber business, while Morgan's luck finally turns around.
S 5 E 4

No Man is an Island

Aired on Jun 09, 2016
Tom calls in reinforcements to bail him out; Morgan fights for survival in the deep freeze and a father gambles everything for his family's future.
S 5 E 3

All Work and No Pay

Aired on May 26, 2016
Morgan makes an unexpected discovery that could finally put food on his table; Tom puts in the work but gets no payoff; and Marty chases the winter into the Revelations.
S 5 E 2


Aired on May 19, 2016
Rich deals with the aftermath of his accident; Morgan's search for food intensifies; and Eustace gets a golden opportunity, but it may be more trouble than it's worth.
S 5 E 1

The Wasteland

Aired on May 12, 2016
Morgan's land fails to provide, leaving him locked in a life or death battle with hunger; Tom's bad luck streak continues into a new season; Rich takes a bruising fall.
S 5 E 0

Man vs. Winter

Aired on May 05, 2016
Season after season, the mountain men are locked in an endless battle against winter: the most dangerous predator of them all.

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