Beauregard "Buck" Buckley Played by Donny Boaz

A Texan to the core, Buckley is the team’s heavy weapons specialist. Not a subtle man, he unleashes hails of bullets and inappropriate jokes with equal glee. With a passion for Civil War reenactments and a belief in aliens, he pays no mind to the opinions of others.

While estranged from his father, a Vietnam War veteran, he shares his dad’s love of country and dedication to service. He didn’t see much future for himself as a young man, but the challenge offered by the SEALs–the toughest of the tough–gave him hope, and he made a beeline for the Navy recruiters. He’s hard on Chase, the new member of the team, and jealous when it comes to his wife Tammi. But he’s ready to walk through fire for his brothers and for her, without question.