• Human Fireball

    Premiere Date:July 27, 2014 - 09:00-10:00PM ET

    This time Stan wants Daniel to investigate four people who claim to have superhuman heat tolerance, performing potentially deadly demonstrations that push themselves, and the human body, to new limits. Daniel puts them to the test to find out if they really can stand the heat! Ted Batchelor claims he is fireproof. At Salinas Airfield, Ted attempts the longest full body burn of all time, running over 500 feet, whilst burning at temperatures of 2400 Fahrenheit. Kann Trichaan from Thailand is rumored to be immune to the searing heat of boiling cooking oil, and appears to feel no pain, even when submerging his hands for seconds at a time. Anandita Dutta Tamali is the most chilli-proof human on earth, but can she withstand pepper spray? Marshall Ullrich is said to be immune to the lethal effects of heatstroke, but Daniel tests his heat tolerance by challenging him to run in potentially fatal temperatures, in an oven!

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  • Painproof

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    Premiere Date:July 20, 2014 - 09:00-10:00PM ET

    Stan sends Daniel to meet four people who can control their perception of pain, and push their bodies to unthinkable levels. Having created so many fictional pain-proof characters in his comics, Stan never thought real people could possess immunity to pain, but these four individuals perform staggering feats of pain tolerance that challenge the known limits of the human body. Eduardo Lasaga claims he can withstand extreme amounts of bone-crunching weights on his body. But, is he really un-crushable? Evgeny Kuznetsov takes the gore factor to the extreme, withstanding the excruciating pain of dozens of darts penetrating his flesh, but he also doesn't shed a drop of blood. Matthew Ahmet claims he's trained his body to tolerate the same level of pain as the ultimate shaolin warriors. Li Xin's demonstration of skull strength is almost too gruesome to watch, and he claims he's developed a superhuman head, that is virtually indestructible.

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  • Throat of Steel

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    Premiere Date:July 13, 2014 - 09:00-10:00PM ET

    Stan's comic-book character's bodies had physically shocking features and gruesome modifications, enabling them to perform incredible feats. But Daniel Browning Smith goes in search of real people who claim their bodies can do things that no normal human can do. While most humans aren't able to withstand the effects of high voltage or current, Daniel investigates rumors of the legendary Duongs, an entire family in Vietnam that claim to be shock proof. John Doyle has a real-life ability to control his eyes like a chameleon that will literally make your eyes pop out in amazement. Thomas Blackthorne claims he can insert a jackhammer down his throat… and then turn it on. Stevie Star claims he can swallow shocking objects, and regurgitate them in any order he chooses. How he does it, it's hard to say, but it's impossible not to watch. Ryan Stock puts a meat hook through his skull and attempts to pull weights that will push human bone strength to the limit.

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