About Swamp People: After the Hunt

Ever wonder what the swampers’ lives are like when they’re not hunting gators? Swamp People: After The Hunt is an exclusive five-episode web series that follows the lives of the swampers after the 30-day gator hunting season ends. Tag along with Troy, Jacob, Bruce, Liz and Ron during their daily lives on and off the swamp.

Family Froggin’ – Liz, Justin and the kids set out on a nighttime adventure.

Bruce’s Big Discovery – Bruce tries to cash in on a strange rock he discovered in his backyard. Could it be a meteorite?

Daddy Dear-est – Troy and Jacob turn their focus to deer hunting, but father-and-son projects don’t always go smoothly.

Father & Son – Bruce’s partner Ron takes his 10-year-old son into the woods for a squirrel-hunting lesson.

Bruce Rolls A “Fatty” – Bruce gives a cooking lesson on whipping up a five-layer meat concoction he dubs “the fatty.”