Joe Jr.

Joe Santini, Jr.

Junior, the son of Joe Sr., has a big personality and the frame to match. Much like his uncle George in his prime, Joe Jr. is a young and strapping ladykiller. However, there is one fundamental difference between Joe Jr. and George: work ethic. He is committed to the philosophy that the sole purpose of working is to fund his entertainment, gambling and night life activities.

Working as a team with his cousin, Joe Jr. is the brawn while Nick is the brains. It’s easy to imagine him strapping a fridge to his back and walking up ten flights of stairs. With the right motivation, Joe Jr. can truly be a workhorse. He is a valuable asset to the family business because of his strength, but sometimes his lack of attention to detail causes him to make mistakes.

Junior is eager to move from the bottom of the ladder to the top. He would like to take over the business, but the old guys question whether or not he is ready. Although he has an aggressive personality and is constantly busting on his younger cousin Nick, Joe Jr. acknowledges that the two of them make a good team. Once their fathers step back and let them do a few jobs on their own, he believes that he can prove himself and lead the family business.