Joe Sr.

Joe Santini, Sr.

Joe Sr. grew up in Brooklyn in a family of 12 siblings. As the youngest in the family, Joe grew up under the wing of his older brother, George. Although he likes to joke around, Joe is very practical, making him the perfect “consigliere” to his older brother. Unlike George, Joe prefers a relaxing game of cards with the boys over chasing women and fancy possessions. Despite their divergent personalities, there is an unbreakable bond between Joe and George, and they can always count on each other.

Alongside his brother, Joe has owned and operated the Santini Brothers Moving and Storage company for the past 50 years. While George is out in the field, Joe is more comfortable in the office dealing with customers and logistics. Joe is an avid storyteller and a great conversationalist; he loves to chat up the customers. As the pragmatic brother, Joe takes care of sorting out the books and dealing with the numbers.

Joe Sr. is constantly trying to teach his son, Joe Jr., the importance of being a Santini and properly representing the family business. Unlike George, however, Joe doesn’t allow himself to get too frustrated while the young guys learn the ropes. He truly enjoys working with his son, because it allows them to spend time together.

Joe believes that they need to take a chance, and let the boys take a swing at handling jobs on their own. According to him, this is the only way that Joe Jr. and Nick will learn from their mistakes.