Nick Santini

Nick is known for his intelligence and dry wit, and he prefers to be viewed as the brains of the Santini operation. Much like his uncle Joe, Nick sees himself as an office guy. He would rather be planning out each move and letting work horses like his cousin, Joe Jr., take care of the manual labor. Out in the field, Nick is capable of heavy lifting and moving things, but next to his brawny cousin, he appears sluggish. Like Joe Jr., Nick would is impatient to move to the top of the ladder without climbing his way up from the bottom.

Nick has strong feelings about bringing the family business into modern times by introducing new technology. Nick’s sister, Nicole, agrees with him on this but tries to explain that he needs to introduce things slowly in order to get the old guys behind his ideas. If he can pay some respect to the old guys, and work with Joe Jr. as a team, Nick has the potential to move up in the ranks, improving the business and proving himself as a valuable asset.