In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Zodiac Killer, one of history’s most famous unidentified serial murderers, terrorized the San Francisco Bay area in a spree of heinous attacks, sending taunting letters to authorities, some containing ciphers filled with mystifying combinations of letters and symbols. One cipher in particular, known as the Z340, has baffled the greatest minds in cryptology for nearly 50 years—and it continues to draw scrutiny because the Zodiac killer claimed this code contained his real name. HISTORY’S new nonfiction limited series, “The Hunt For The Zodiac Killer” opens up a new investigation into the mystery of this twisted serial assassin. The goal: to crack the code and catch the killer.

Murder Mystery

A Timeline of the Zodiac Killer

The elusive killer was never found READ NOW

Could Any of These Men Have Been the Zodiac Killer?

Why they were suspected and ruled out READ NOW
Mystery-Solving Tech

Supercomputer Programmed to Think Like Zodiac Killer

No wonder its poetry is so creepy READ NOW

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