If Kodiak is the edge of civilization, then Mike Horstman’s cabin in Eagle Harbor could be considered the edge of the world. It’s a place where it can take a week just to run to the store for groceries. Mike is coming to the end of a long and respected career as a guide, and finds himself pressured by family and friends to play it safe and move back to civilization. For Mike, it’s his golden hour—every hunt could be his last.

At 24, Hillarie Putnam is one of the youngest females out hunting, but she’ll one-up the guys almost every time. She’s a Primitive Weapons hunter and uses a Muzzleloader powder gun, like they did back in the 1800s. These guns are great showpieces, but how realistic are they in the unpredictable elements of Kodiak? It’s her first time hunting Kodiak. This headstrong, confident girl may be ready, but will her choice of artillery be her best bet or worst enemy when it comes time to face the infamous brown bear?

Sam Rohrer represents the new generation of Kodiak bear guides. He comes from a strong legacy—his dad, Dick, started Rohrer’s Bear Camp 40 years ago. Dick would like to see the business stay in the family. As a father of three, Sam’s got his hands full providing for the family, being second in command of a hunting empire and giving his clients the best experience around.

Cattle rancher Chris Flickenger owns a 500-acre ranch on Kodiak Island. Every year, he and his wife Shelly must defend their livestock from ravenous Kodiak Bears that terrorize his ranch. Chris and Shelly must always be on their guard because the financial toll of losing even a single cow to a bear raid is great.

He’s the Yoda of bear guides. Residing at the Rainy Pass Lodge, the oldest hunting lodge in Alaska, Bucky is the oldest working bear-hunting guide in the state. His favorite place to hunt is Kodiak, but he hasn’t had the chance in a long time—returning will be a homecoming. Soon he will move on and, before he retires, he is planning on going out big.

Mike was orphaned and then raised by a Native American family, who taught him the folklore of the Kodiak bear. He has a unique perspective on the land and the tradition of the hunt–he’s a native village protector.

Frank and his two best friends, fellow bear guide Art Schwartz and packer Spanky, are determined to take down the Kodiak brown bear using only a bow and arrow. They are dedicating their hunt to the memory of a good friend and hunting buddy who died having never achieved his dream of hunting Kodiak.

Grizzly is known across Kodiak as a badass. He stands up for the vulnerable and the weak—hates bullies—and that means going after the adult male brown bears that love to feast on their own young.

For this husband and wife team, it’s a huge year. It will be Michelle’s first hunt and the first time on Kodiak for the pair. She’s a little nervous, but is putting all her faith in her husband to provide the know-how to successfully hunt and survive in Kodiak’s intense environment. Will the extremes of Kodiak push them over the limits?

After nearly losing his arm in a tragic accident, Darrell Lindgren has made it back to reclaim his place as one of the most respected guides on Kodiak. Last time out, he did not get a bear, so this time his reputation is on the line.

A former pro football linebacker, Eric Fischer has been a guide for 16 years. His passion for Alaska is embedded in his love for the wilderness, his “church.” His spirit is contagious and those who want to slack, be forewarned, Eric simply won’t allow it. He’s known for tossing out hunters’ cell phones and pushing them to the limit.

Scott Mileur is old-school and learned the craft from the most heralded guides on the island. He’s like an Obi-Wan and his clients rely on his wisdom as they face down big browns in the kill zone with only a bow and arrow, a high risk, one-shot weapon. Scott has trained with the best, but can he get his hunters close enough to take down a giant bear without putting their lives at risk?