Blake Miguez

Age: 31
Hometown: New Iberia, LA
Occupation: Semi-Professional Shooter

Known in the shooting community for his speed, Blake began competing in the USPSA at age 12 and reached Grand Master rank by the time he was 17. He has been the Louisiana State Champion and a top 16 finisher in the U.S. Nationals for the past 10 years. Blake has trained U.S. Anti-Terrorism Special Forces in firearms use and currently ranks second in the world for action pistol shooting. He is also an attorney and executive of an offshore marine transportation company and a bulk fuel and oil distributorship. Eliminated just before the Season 1 finale, Blake met his demise in the “Short Fuse” challenge with the Beretta 92F. Blake continues to shoot competitively, and in October 2011 he represented Team USA and won gold at the World Championship in Rhodes, Greece.

Eliminated Week 2: Video