Eric Anderson

Top Shot, Eric

Age: 46
Hometown: Webster, FL
Occupation: Landfill Supervisor

Two quotes from Eric Anderson: “God didn’t make men equal. Smith and Wesson did.” “I’m here with the big dogs… and I’m off the leash.” This brash cowboy admits he can be a trash talker in competitions, but that’s only because he thinks it’s fun. Eric is a triple threat with strong backgrounds in the military (nine years in the Marine Corps), law enforcement (he was the Academy top shooter) and hunting (three years as a safety instructor). He most recently claimed a Cowboy Mounted Shooting National Championship title. No matter the firearm, Eric loves shooting it.


  • 2010 CMSA National Champion – Men’s Class 4
  • Certified hunting safety instructor for Florida fish and wildlife conservation
  • Former Marine Corps marksmanship instructor, expert badge in pistol and rifle
  • Former police officer who received a Florida Police Academy Top Shooter trophy
  • Owns a hunting bow but does not consider himself an expert