Vietnam in HD Film Corps

Across America, pieces of history are locked away on film reels—unique views of the past all too often left forgotten in garages and attics. Preserving and sharing the war experiences of soldiers, medics, aviators, photographers, sailors and more, these films are an important and deeply personal part of America’s historical record. Check out some of our favorite stories below:

Two Vietnam veterans, Pete Henry and Jim Harris, reunite to watch the films of their experimental mission to airlift medium artillery into battle.

A curious daughter, Stacy Houston, views the films of her Vietnam veteran father, Skip Weber, and his tank platoon for the very first time.

Steve Conley seeks to honor his father’s legacy by preserving the films he left behind of his time as an F-4 Phantom pilot in Vietnam.

A son learns about the trials of war through the films his father, Frank Lee, shot as a combat cameraman in Vietnam.

Though shunned by some, Vietnam veteran Sonny Silva was embraced by his family upon his return from the war, and his father captured it all on film.

A surprise phone call reunites two Vietnam war veterans, George Heady and Al Billings, with films of their service in the Navy Seawolves helicopter unit.

Two daughters learn about the wartime experiences of their father, Brett Watson, through the films he shot in Vietnam.

Now, the Film Corps project is expanding to the Vietnam War and is searching for films that tell the personal stories of that conflict. Do you think you may have discovered lost footage from the Vietnam War? Submit a written description of these films to be considered for the HISTORY Film Corps project. Email the information on the form to with the subject line “Film Corps.”