Q&A: Jessalyn Gilsig

October 28, 2013     By: Conor Hamill

Jessalyn Gilsig as Siggy

Jessalyn Gilsig (Siggy) talks about being compared to Lady Macbeth, what she is most excited about in Season 2 and the similarities between Glee and Vikings.

Q: Following the events of Season 1, what’s Siggy’s mindset like heading into Season 2?

Jessalyn Gilsig: What I like about Siggy is she’s sort of the definition of nothing left to lose, you know? She’s a person who even when everything they love is gone, they still have a drive, an ambition and an ego that sustains them. So, she is just trying to find out how to remain relevant, how to regain a lot of what she’s lost and she is trying to figure out if Rollo is the path to that goal.

Q: Fans have been comparing Siggy to Lady Macbeth. Do you feel this is a fair comparison?

JG: I think she and Earl Haraldson were great collaborators and incredibly political. They had a vision, which was really in contrast to Ragnar. I think if things were in her way and she wanted something, she could certainly stoop to some very low places. I wouldn’t say she’s good, but I wouldn’t say she’s evil. I would say she would unapologetically go after what she wants, just like a Viking!

Q: You have worked on a lot of big budget television shows. How does Vikings compare in terms of production and scale?

JG: I see a parallel between Glee and Vikings where I feel like Glee established a world and a vocabulary that didn’t exist before and there was a big risk there. I feel like Vikings is doing the same thing where it’s either everyone jumps in or we risk underachieving. I think what we’re trying to do here is honor a culture that has just never been given a chance. What we’re finding is that part of why this history has been buried is because it really challenges a lot of what we take for granted in our cultures.

Jessalyn Gilsig

Q: You recently produced and starred in Somewhere Slow. How was your experience as a producer and do you look forward to spending more time behind the camera?

JG: I absolutely loved it! I was really proud to make that film. It’s a lot like Vikings in the sense that it was really exciting to watch the different departments shine and for me to create those opportunities for people. So, I’d love to do more of it, absolutely.

Q: What are you most excited about in Season 2?

JG: I’m mostly excited to give it to the audience and for them to see how the characters’ relationships deepen and are challenged. What I’ve learned from the audience is that they really understand the characters and I think it would be really rewarding for them to see how, as much as it is a show about battles and big themes, at the end of the day it’s about love, betrayal and hope.


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