Viking Armor

November 11, 2013     By: Conor Hamill


With even more battle scenes planned for Season 2 of Vikings, costume designer Joan Bergin and her wardrobe team have been busy in their workshop designing and making armor for the cast and hundreds of extras required to make up the various armies the Vikings come into contact with on their raids.

Historically, Anglo-Saxon armies and their leaders would have all worn very grand and sophisticated armor. Vikings would’ve had armor of a much lower caliber and no proper head protection. The show matches this—the Vikings wear designs that look like they’ve come from their village and the Saxons feature more high-class looks, as well as helmets. Like their shields, each Viking has unique armor.

In their era, the Vikings may have worn a lot of red, blue and gold dyed leathers, but Bergin believed these colors didn’t match the tone of the show. To better convey a picture of fearless and savage warriors, the costume department focused on shades of brown, burgundy, grey and black for Ragnar, Rollo, Floki and the rest of the Vikings.

On set, there are 50 copies of each type of armor and roughly 1,500 costumes in total.


Saxon armor:



Viking armor:



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