Viking Gods

November 4, 2013     By: Conor Hamill


Vikings were very devoted to their gods and fully believed that their lives were fated. They charged into battle without fear, knowing that if they were slain, they would go to Valhalla to feast and prepare to fight alongside Odin, the Allfather, at Ragnarok, the end of the world.

When it comes to worshipping Odin, there’s no better Viking than Ragnar, who feels a very personal connection with the god. Like Odin, who sacrificed his eye for wisdom, Ragnar is driven by his thirst for knowledge. He also embraced the image of a raven, a symbol of Odin, by incorporating it into his armor last season.

Vikings Ragnar

The gods have been featured in many episodes of Vikings—in different forms. In the Season 1 episode “Sacrifice,” we see Odin, his son Thor and the god Freyr as three towering monuments inside the temple at Uppsala.

The statues are now in storage, but we were able to sneak a peek at them to give you a closer look. While the statues look like they were carved from thick tree trunks, Vikings art director Jon Beer explains that they were actually carved out of polystyrene to make them lightweight and easily movable for filming purposes. They were then covered in a plastic hard coat and paint finish to make them look like wood in each scene.

Odin stands tallest as the God of Gods:



Thor and Freyr:



An up-close look at Thor:



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