Vikings Food

October 15, 2013     By: Conor Hamill


A Viking’s diet is simple, but strict. It’s largely made up of fish, chicken, meat, meat and more meat. For most Vikings, meals consist of any creature that’s slow enough to catch or big enough to feed a whole village.

However, Viking royalty eat from a different menu. Sophisticated and well educated, kings like a healthy balance of creative vegetable dishes and exotic seafoodshellfish, red roe, dried seaweed and oysters.

While feasting on an array of meals sounds like a dream job for most people, Jessalyn Gilsig (Siggy) says that for the cast, at times, the feast scenes are just as difficult to film as the fight scenes: “It’s really tricky to eat on camera. I usually go for the vegetables. They don’t give us napkins or forks and it can be hard at eight in the morning to chow down to lamb!”


From the vast variety of different dishes on set, there is nothing quite as extravagant as the flaming pig head stuffed with vegetables and herbs. While fit for a king, it takes the stomach of a Viking to prepare. Steps to create such a dish include removing the brain from the the pig’s head and spit-roasting the head until the fluids oozing out from its eye sockets, nostrils and ears run dry.



Food preparation in process:



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