Vikings Shields

September 30, 2013     By: Conor Hamill

In the world of Vikings, wooden shields are a key part of each warrior’s protection and each shield is unique—painted in different colors, patterns and motifs.

On the set of Vikings, with a huge cast of warriors and lavish battle scenes, set decorator Jil Turner and the art department have the demanding task of creating enough distinctive shields to ensure each character and army stands out on screen in the midst of all the mayhem.


In Season 1, Ragnar’s shield started out with a blue theme, but after he became earl, it switched to red, a fiercer color to represent the changes to the character. As seen in the Season 2 teaser, Ragnar’s warriors carry their own individual shields—unlike Jarl Borg’s army.

>>PHOTO GALLERY: Shields in action

There are over 120 shields on hand at all times during filming, with multiple shields for each member of the cast. Due to the large number of battle scenes and the likelihood of shields getting destroyed, there are always new shields being constructed.





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