King Horik Played by Donal Logue

King Horik is an important Scandinavian king and Viking ruler who is determined to have Earl Ragnar as an ally and supporter. He makes a deal with Ragnar Lothbrok in which the warrior will help defend his land from Jarl Borg, his advancing rival.


Donal Logue
Donal Logue discovered his love for the performing arts as a student of Intellectual History at Harvard, where he appeared in more than 30 plays and worked in the American Repertory Theatre’s Harvard/Radcliffe Summer Stock Company. His feature film debut, a starring role in The Tao of Steve, earned him a Sundance Special Jury Prize for Outstanding Performance.  Other film credits include Blade, The Runaway Bride, Reindeer Games, The Patriot, Comic Book Villains, Just Like Heaven, The Groomsmen, Ghost Rider, Zodiac, Max Payne, Oliver Sherman, Charlie St. Cloud and CBGB.  He also directed, wrote and starred in the independent film Tennis, Anyone?