CBS--After North Tower Collapse and related media

CBS--After North Tower Collapse

Running for safety after One World Trade Center's collapse. Courtesy of WCBS Newsradio 880.

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  • WPLJ--Two World Trade Center is Hit
    WPLJ--Two World Trade Center is Hit

    Audio Clip (2:29)

    9/11 broadcast from NYC music radio station, WPLJ, after Two World Trade Center is hit. Courtesy of Scott and Todd in the Morning, 95.5 WPLJ.

    Audio Clip (2:29)
  • KQV--Terrorist Crash Shanksville, PA
    KQV--Terrorist Crash Shanksville, PA

    Audio Clip (3:20)

    9/11 broadcast from Pittsburgh radio station, KQV on terrorist crash in Shanksville, PA. Courtesy of KQV Newsradio.

    Audio Clip (3:20)

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  • Adam Shanker: Times Square
    Adam Shanker: Times Square

    Video Clip (4:05)

    Adam Shanker was filming in Times Square as events unfolded on 9/11.

    Video Clip (4:05)
  • Adam Shanker on 9/11
    Adam Shanker on 9/11

    Video Clip (2:28)

    Adam Shanker reacts to footage he captured in Times Square on 9/11.

    Video Clip (2:28)
  • Alfie Alvarado on 9/11
    Alfie Alvarado on 9/11

    Video Clip (1:06)

    Alfie Alvarez reacts to footage she captured at City Hally Park on 9/11.

    Video Clip (1:06)
  • Archiving the WTC
    Archiving the WTC

    Video Clip (2:43)

    A part of the World Trade Center cleanup was organizing all artifacts -- large and small -- in a place big enough to hold everything. Ultimately, the Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island served as the staging are for this work; here is a glimpse of how that was done.

    Video Clip (2:43)
  • Artifacts Lost
    Artifacts Lost

    Video Clip (4:15)

    The World Trade Center was home to some significant art and cultural collections. This segment from the History special, Relics of the Rubble, recalls these lost treasures.

    Video Clip (4:15)
  • Birth of Al Qaeda
    Birth of Al Qaeda

    Video Clip (3:07)

    The roots of modern day Al Qaeda can be traced back to the Muslim Brotherhood organization that began in Egypt. Find out how Osama Bin Laden made connections to the different leaders who helped him eventually plan and carry out the events of September 11th.

    Video Clip (3:07)
  • Building the Towers
    Building the Towers

    Video Clip (4:10)

    A brief history of the conception and creation of the World Trade Center.

    Video Clip (4:10)
  • Carmen and Arturo
    Carmen and Arturo

    Video Clip (4:27)

    Carmen and Arturo Griffith operated elevators in the twin towers and struggled to survive the events of 9/11.

    Video Clip (4:27)
  • Caroline Dries: NYU Dorm
    Caroline Dries: NYU Dorm

    Video Clip (3:26)

    Caroline Dries was filming from her NYU dorm at 200 Water Street as the second plane hit.

    Video Clip (3:26)
  • Caroline Dries on 9/11
    Caroline Dries on 9/11

    Video Clip (2:29)

    Caroline Dries reacts to footage she captured from her NYU dorm on 9/11.

    Video Clip (2:29)

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    On September 11, 2001 a hijacked plane crashed into the side of the Pentagon. Another flight, United 93, crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

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