Inside the Mind of Leonardo Da Vinci

Only 21 paintings by Leonardo da Vinci exist, but 6,000 pages of his private journals survive.

This extraordinary wealth of drawings and writing represent Leonardo's stream of consciousness: his passion, obsession, reflection, ambition, philosophy, frustration and genius.

INSIDE THE MIND OF LEONARDO DA VINCI uses stunning 3-D photography and breath-taking 3-D motion graphics to bring Leonardo's mindscape to life, presenting a surprising and truthful portrayal of mankind's greatest polymath, in his own words.

This is not a period drama reconstruction. There are no quills or beards. Leonardo is seen in an abstract, timeless setting as though the ghost of the journals. He takes us on a magical journey into our own world as seen through his eyes allowing us to experience his powers of observation, lateral thought and huge diversity of obsessions in a way we can all relate to.

From the epic to the ordinary, Leonardo seeks to experience and understand the world around us: nature, man and God. From the size of mountains, to the flight patterns of swallows, to the distance between a woman's eyes, he wants to know everything.

With cutting edge stereo graphics we then see how these observations fuel Leonardo's ambition, inspiring an endless stream of ideas, page after page of invention, opinion and art.

But the journals detail another side to Leonardo. Peter Capaldi's powerful performance reveals a familiar human being behind the legendary genius. Following a loose biographical narrative, we experience his career frustrations, thwarted ambition, hurt, anger and sexual desire– ut also the mundane nature of normal life: his shopping lists, health tips and bawdy jokes.

Starring BAFTA winner Peter Capaldi, written by BAFTA winner Nick Dear, directed by EMMY and GEMINI nominated Julian Jones, and with BAFTA winning exec prod Peter Lovering, INSIDE THE MIND OF LEONARDO DA VINCI invites you to meet the real da Vinci.