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America’s Creepiest Motel Can Be Yours. It Comes With Clowns

America’s “scariest motel” can be yours for $900,000.

America’s “scariest motel” can be yours for $900,000. Located on a stretch of highway in Tonopah, Nevada, halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, and next to the town’s first cemetery, rests this potentially haunted, clown-filled motel. Yes, you heard that right—a clown motel next to a cemetery.

Bob Perchetti has owned this property for over 20 years, and now he wants to retire. Perchetti told 8 News Now, “I’m going to go fishing. I want to go enjoy myself. I’m going to do a little camping with the grandkids.”

But Perchetti has put a lot of time and work into curating his clown motel, and he is taking that into consideration as he looks for the motel’s next owner. If you’re interested in buying this unusual historic site, there is just one condition: You must preserve Perchetti’s clown collection.

The collection comprises of thousands of clowns, including clown portraits, clown statuettes, clown snow globes, clown posters, issues of Clowning Around magazine, miniature clowns, life-sized clowns and caged killer clowns. Clowns line the motel’s office in over-crowded book shelves, with life-sized ones on either side of a couch, greeting visitors the second they step on site.

Outside of the motel’s back door rests the “historic miners’ cemetery,” where the victims of a mysterious epidemic known as the “Tonopah plague” were buried. While what exactly caused people to die from this plague is still unknown, in an old Desert Evening News article from April 18, 1905, it is said that “doctors seem to think it is caused by unsanitary condition of the camp.”

Even though Percetti will no longer be the owner, he plans on returning to the motel to visit his collection. “I love clowns,” he told 8 News Now. Particularly his clowns.

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