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On the Map

BUY HERE: Atlas of World War II, about $22.50, Amazon

Start with an astounding array of rare wartime maps—some with generals’ scribbled notations, others used by downed airmen to plot their escapes, still others with ominous coffin markers to show where civilians had been exterminated. Add in vibrant new explanatory cartography, related photos, first-person accounts and confidential documents. The result? A coffee-table WWI history book from National Geographic that Greatest Generation buffs will devour.

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Brewing Up Revolution

BUY HEREBoston Tea Party Tea Sampler, about $18 Amazon

Fans of tea and American history will cozy right up to this Boston Tea Party sampler set from Solstice Tea Traders. Complete with six 4-ounce assorted loose-leaf teas (oolong, bohea, congou, souchong, singlo and hyson)—the same types thrown over the side of British ships during the famous revolt—it also includes reusable tins and a history fact sheet. 

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Good Judgment

BUY HEREDissent Collar Earrings, about $18, Amazon

Know a big fan of RGB? These cool-looking “dissent” collar earrings make a subtle call-out to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s iconic ruffle-collar accessory. Bonus: Half of your purchase dollars go to charities.

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The Rooms Where It Happened

BUY HERELego Architecture U.S. Capitol Building Kit, about $100, Amazon

Bills! Amendments! Filibusters! Add a little political history to your gift-giving this year with Lego Architecture’s U.S. Capitol building kit, a detailed 1,000-plus-piece model of the home of America’s Congress. When built, it measures 6 inches high, 17 inches wide and 6 inches deep. Ages 12 and up.

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Gods’ Gift

BUY HEREPop-Up Book of Mythological Gods and Heroes, about $27, Amazon

A 3-D Thor swings his hammer. Spider Woman weaves her celestial web. And the Greek Gods hang out—where else?—on Olympus. Percy Jackson fans will appreciate Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods and Heroes, this gorgeous pop-up book from Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda. Filled with dimensional tales of Ra-Atum, Zeus, Odin, the Jade Emperor and more, it’s a wonderful introduction to mythological divinities from around the globe. Ages 5 and up.

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Fullosun Velociraptor night light


BUY HEREDinosaur Nightlight/Desk Lamp, about $20, Amazon

Wow the future paleontologist on your list with Fullosun’s 3-D illusion night light/desk lamp that looks from afar like a cool sci-fi rendering of a dino—choose from velociraptor, T-Rex and more—but up close it's really a nifty thin acrylic sheet. A remote control lets you choose from seven color options.

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Puzzling Propaganda

BUY HEREWorld War II Poster Collage, about $18, Amazon

White Mountain Puzzle’s WWII 1,000-piece poster collage is comprised of colorful wartime propaganda posters—featuring iconic images from Rosie the Riveter to Uncle Sam to war bond appeals and all those ominous “loose lips” warnings. For history enthusiasts and puzzlers alike.

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Picture Perfect

BUY HEREThrough the African-American Lens: Double Exposure, about $14, Amazon

This compact coffee-table volume showcases iconic photos of key events in African-American history, from pre-Civil War to the 21st century. Part of the Double Exposure series of photography books put out by the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, featuring works from its collection, it also includes intros by top historians, photographers, activists and writers.

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Guiding Spirit

BUY HEREViking compass pendant, about $35, Amazon

Honor an Icelandic heritage, or just a love of Viking culture, with Baldur Jewelry’s handcrafted Viking compass pendant necklace featuring the sacred Vegvisir symbol. Considered a spiritual guide by ancient Vikings and Norse sailors, and used to help them return home safely in rough weather, the Vegvisir is also a protection symbol. (Icelandic singer Björk has one tattooed on her arm.)

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Historic Treats

BUY HERE1969 Nostalgic Retro Candy Assortment, about $28, Amazon

Where were you in 1969? Do you remember your favorite treat? Woodstock Candy makes retro candy boxes packed with 30 kinds of treats—including Pixie Stix, root beer barrels, candy necklaces and more—that will kindle Proustian childhood memories. Sharing encouraged.

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Mummy Dearest

BUY HEREPyramid Dig Archaeology Kit, about $23, Amazon

If the mysteries of ancient Egypt have captured the imagination of a curious youngster on your list, this kit from Thames and Kosmos will scratch the archaeology itch, with activities that include deciphering hieroglyphs, unlocking a trick tomb door and digging for ancient treasure. Comes with a 3-D cross-section model pyramid, sarcophagus, mummy, death mask, urns and tools including hammer, brush, chisel and more.

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Walk with Greatness

BUY HEREAmerican leaders socks, about $13 for a pack of four

What to get the guy—or gal—with a truly historic sense of style? Cool history-themed socks sporting images of George Washington, John F. Kennedy, Abe Lincoln and Ben Franklin. The colorful unisex footwear guarantees the wearer will always be in inspired company.


Draw the Line

BUY HERETrinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb, about $15, Amazon

It’s a sweeping historical narrative, thriller and psychological meditation wrapped into a powerful graphic novel. Jonathan Fetter-Vorm’s Trinity, chronicles the history of the race to build the first A-bomb, from its invention in European laboratories to the Manhattan Project to the events that took place at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

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Coffee Talk

BUY HERE‘History Buff’ Coffee Mug, about $20, Amazon

Go straight to the head of the class when you gift your favorite civics, social studies or world studies teacher with this “History Buff” coffee mug from Real People Goods. The 11-ounce ceramic mug also makes a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who loves history—and good humor. 


Time Flies

BUY HEREThis Day in History and This Day in Women’s History Box Calendars, about $11.50 and $9, Amazon

Learn something new every day with HISTORY's 2019 This Day in History box calendar, filled with 365 of history’s most influential and extraordinary events, inspiring people and inventions and facts any trivia buff will love. Or, opt for This Day in Women’s History for a daily reminder of the ways women—from Joan of Arc to J.K. Rowling—have impacted the world.

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