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CATEGORY: Civil Rights Movement
Last Hired, First Fired: How the Great Depression Affected African Americans
April 18, 2018

While no group escaped the economic devastation of the Great Depression, few suffered more than African Americans, who experienced the highest unemployment rate during the 1930s. Read More

Rosa Parks’ Life After the Bus Was No Easy Ride
April 18, 2018

What history misses about Rosa Parks, according to her niece. Read More

Jackie Robinson’s Battles for Equality On and Off the Baseball Field
April 13, 2018

Although he's best known for breaking Major League Baseball's color barrier, Robinson's poise and strength in the face of adversity, both on and off the field, are why we still honor him today. Read More

Why Martin Luther King’s Family Believes James Earl Ray Was Not His Killer
April 4, 2018

Fifty years after his assassination, Dr. King’s family thinks the convicted gunman was innocent. Read More

Why People Rioted After Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Assassination
April 2, 2018

Riots broke out in over 100 American cities after King’s murder. Read More

Jesse Jackson on M.L.K.: One Bullet Couldn’t Kill the Movement
March 30, 2018

Rev. Jackson, who was part of King’s inner circle in 1968—and witnessed his assassination—weighs in on that shocking moment, its turbulent aftermath and carrying forth the dream. Read More

Mountaintop Moments: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Final Speech
March 27, 2018

HISTORY and The King Center have come together to present Mountaintop Moments, a series of videos in which today's history makers—actors, activists, musicians and sports stars—discuss their vision for an ideal future. In this essay, Historian Daina Ramey Berry discusses the inspiration behind the project, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s final speech. Read More

Why MLK Encouraged 225,000 Chicago Kids to Cut Class in 1963
March 14, 2018

'Freedom Day' didn’t succeed, but it made de facto school segregation the talk of Chicago. Read More

How Freedom Rider Diane Nash Risked Her Life to Desegregate the South
March 8, 2018

Now an icon of the Civil Rights Movement, Nash was arrested dozens of times for non-violent protests—including while six months pregnant. Read More

This Isn’t the First Time Conspiracy Theorists Have Accused Student Activists of Being ‘Paid Actors’
February 23, 2018

Students were targeted during the Civil Rights movement, too. Read More