History Stories
JFK Files: Cuban Intelligence Was in Contact With Oswald, Praised His Shooting Ability
October 27, 2017

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5 Things You Might Not Know About the Bay of Pigs Invasion
April 15, 2016

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New DNA Techniques Help Scientists Find Origins of African Slaves
February 5, 2016

Thanks to advances in genetic technology, scientists are using DNA from long-buried human remains to trace the origins of African slaves brought to the New World. Read More

Fidel Castro’s Wild New York Visit
September 18, 2015

During a two-week visit to address the United Nations in New York, Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro stole headlines and courted controversy. Read More

How the Death of a U.S. Air Force Pilot Prevented a Nuclear War
October 26, 2012

On October 27, 1962, U-2 pilot Rudolf Anderson Jr. was shot down during the Cuban Missile Crisis. His death may have saved the lives of millions. Read More

10 Things You May Not Know About the Cuban Missile Crisis
October 16, 2012

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