History Stories
‘A Wrinkle in Time’s’ Long Religious Controversy
March 7, 2018

Before it was a Disney movie, many thought the book was heretical. Read More

Academy Award Winners Who Rejected Their Oscars
February 26, 2018

Here’s why three famous winners didn’t take their Oscars home. Read More

How Classic Hollywood’s Party Culture Turned Women Into Prey
January 23, 2018

Female extras and dancers were often lured to parties under false pretenses. Read More

Balancing Historical Accuracy and a Gripping Story Is a Challenge. ‘The Post’ Nails It
December 29, 2017

It takes more than period props to make audiences care. Read More

This Tinseltown Tyrant Used Sexual Exploitation to Build a Hollywood Empire
October 17, 2017

“King Cohn” lived up to his despicable reputation. Read More

Bond—James Bond—Was Created to Mourn the British Empire
August 2, 2017

Ian Fleming’s cunning action hero reflected the (former) glories of imperial Britain. Read More

8 Ways the Original “Star Trek” Made History
September 8, 2016

Fifty years after the cult classic science fiction TV series “Star Trek” made its debut, take a look back at its enduring cultural impact. Read More

When New Jersey Was Film Capital of the World
February 25, 2016

When Hollywood was still a dusty outpost surrounded by orange groves a century ago, the motion picture industry was born in a vastly different locale—Fort Lee, New Jersey. Read More

The Real History That Inspired “Star Wars”
December 17, 2015

Find out how this planet’s real-life history inspired filmmaker George Lucas to create his sci-fi saga in a galaxy far, far away. Read More

Florence Lawrence: The First Movie Star
December 7, 2015

Widely acclaimed as the first movie star, Florence Lawrence was the first film actress whose name was used to promote her films. Read More