History Stories
Five Famous Antique Forgeries
March 12, 2018

Fine wine fraud, Babe Ruth’s glove, and other crafty fake antiques. Read More

How a Phony 18th Century Chess Robot Fooled the World
October 27, 2016

For much of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, a chess-playing automaton known as the “Turk” drew huge crowds at exhibitions across Europe and the United States. Read More

Piltdown Man Hoaxer Acted Alone, Study Say
September 30, 2016

A new study concludes that the infamous Piltdown Man fossils, once believed to represent the missing evolutionary link between apes and humans, were the work of a single forger. Read More

The Great Moon Hoax
August 25, 2015

On the anniversary of the “Great Moon Hoax,” learn how a New York newspaper convinced many of its readers that unicorns and winged bat-men had been found on the lunar surface. Read More

The Cardiff Giant Fools the Nation, 145 Years Ago
October 16, 2014

In 1869, trickster George Hull masterminded one of the 19th century’s most sensational hoaxes: the discovery of a 10-foot-tall giant. Read More

The Strange Case of Emperor Norton I of the United States
September 17, 2014

Find out more about the unusual life and “reign” of one of America’s most famous eccentrics. Read More

“The War of the Worlds” Broadcast, 75 Years Ago
October 30, 2013

On the 75th anniversary of the Orson Welles radio drama “The War of the Worlds,” look back at the most famous broadcast in radio history. Read More

History’s Most Famous Literary Hoaxes
May 6, 2013

Thirty years after the Hitler Diaries were exposed as a fraud, here’s a look back at some of history’s other famous fictions. Read More

9 Zany April Fools’ Day Hoaxes
April 1, 2013

From spaghetti trees to a Nixon comeback, check out some of history’s most elaborate April Fools’ Day pranks. Read More

Piltdown Man Hoax, 100 Years Ago
December 18, 2012

On its 100th anniversary, mystery still lingers over one of history's most spectacular scientific hoaxes. Read More