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CATEGORY: Holocaust
Why Poland Punishes Those Who Accuse It of the Holocaust
February 7, 2018

Using the term 'Polish death camp' is now punishable by up to three years in prison. Read More

How the Nazis Tried to Cover Up Their Crimes at Auschwitz
January 26, 2018

In the winter of 1945, the Nazis tried to destroy the evidence of the Holocaust. Read More

When Popes Become Penitents: The History of Papal Apologies
January 18, 2018

In recent years, the papal apology has shifted its focus from historical wrongs to current events. Read More

Kristallnacht Started When This Diplomat Was Murdered in Cold Blood
November 9, 2017

Ernst vom Rath’s murder triggered a two-day pogrom against German Jews. Read More

Who Betrayed Anne Frank?
November 1, 2017

One of history's greatest cold cases is getting a fresh look. Read More

Opening of Secret UN Archive Yields New Holocaust Revelations
April 18, 2017

A new book delves into the real story of how the Allies confronted the Holocaust. Read More

The Daring Photographer Who Captured Life Inside a Nazi Ghetto
March 24, 2017

Henryk Ross risked his life to take thousands of secret photographs inside the ghetto at Lodz, Poland. Read More

Dr. Gisella Perl: A Hero in Hell
March 3, 2017

She lived an unspeakable hell. As both an inmate and head women’s doctor at Auschwitz, Dr. Gisella Perl saved hundreds of lives with her bare hands. Read More

Pendant Discovered in Ruins of Nazi Death Camp May Have Link to Anne Frank
January 24, 2017

Amid the ruins of a Nazi death camp in eastern Poland, archaeologists have discovered a German Jewish girl’s pendant that is nearly identical to one owned by Anne Frank. Read More

Scottish Missionary Who Died at Auschwitz Left Handwritten Will
September 15, 2016

Jane Haining, a matron at a Scottish missionary school in Budapest, refused to abandon her young Jewish charges—and gave her life for it. Read More