History Stories
Scientists Decode Genome of Deadly Tsetse Fly
April 25, 2014

After a decade-long effort, an international team of scientists has cracked the genetic code of the tsetse fly, the bloodsucking insect that spreads African sleeping sickness. Read More

New Cockroach Species Arrives in New York
December 18, 2013

Already infamous for its cockroaches, New York City now has a newcomer with which to contend. Read More

Brood II: Return of the Cicada
May 15, 2013

Brood II is no horror movie sequel. It’s one of nature’s greatest spectacles, coming to the East Coast this month. Read More

World’s Oldest Known Beds Repelled Bugs
December 8, 2011

Just because our Stone Age predecessors lived in caves doesn’t mean they couldn’t appreciate soft, comfortable bedding 77,000 years ago. Read More

The March of the Giant Ants
May 6, 2011

A newly discovered species of supersized ants roamed Wyoming some 50 million years ago, according to a study published May 4. Read More

They’re Back: A Bed Bug History
August 31, 2010

Many American cities are plagued by the worldwide resurgence of bed bugs, pesky critters with a history that dates back to ancient times. Read More