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Russia Prepares to Exhume Czar Alexander III in Romanov Investigation
November 5, 2015

In an effort to conclusively identify the remains of the murdered Czar Nicholas II and his family, Russian investigators will exhume the body of Nicholas’ father, Alexander III, in Saint Petersburg. Read More

5 Romanovs You Should Know
February 21, 2013

Meet five lesser-known but memorable family members from the dynasty that ruled Russia for more than 300 years. Read More

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Catherine the Great
July 9, 2012

Explore eight surprising facts about the famous Russian ruler. Read More

People Rumored to Have Survived Their Deaths
August 15, 2011

Reports have long circulated that legendary outlaws Butch Cassidy and D.B. Cooper and entertainers Elvis Presley and Andy Kaufman survived long after their alleged deaths. Find out more about these claims and other famous people rumored to have lived on for years in obscurity. Read More

The Best and Worst Dads of All Time
June 17, 2011

This Father’s Day, we bring you five men who exemplify some of history’s finest parenting—along with five others you’ll be glad you never had to call Dad. Read More