History Stories
This King Hated Coffee So Much He Tried to Kill Someone With It
December 20, 2017

Sweden's Gustav III believed coffee made people behave badly. Read More

America’s Forgotten Swedish Colony
July 25, 2017

For nearly 20 years in the 17th century, Sweden had a little-known colony that spanned parts of Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Read More

New Research Sheds Light On Swedish King’s Decapitation
March 22, 2016

Thanks to modern forensic techniques, researchers are fleshing out the lurid story of 12th-century Swedish King Erik IX. Read More

Baby Found Hidden in Coffin of Mummified Swedish Bishop
June 24, 2015

A CT scan has revealed the tiny body of a premature baby tucked under the feet of a Lutheran bishop’s 336-year-old mummified remains. Read More

The Birth of “Stockholm Syndrome,” 40 Years Ago
August 23, 2013

Forty years ago, a six-day hostage drama inside a Swedish bank christened the psychological phenomenon known as "Stockholm Syndrome." Read More