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CATEGORY: Native Americans
When Native Americans Were Slaughtered in the Name of ‘Civilization’
March 2, 2018

Their skin was dark. Their languages were foreign. And their world views and spiritual beliefs were beyond most white men’s comprehension. Read More

Was the Real Lone Ranger a Black Man?
February 1, 2018

The amazing true story of Bass Reeves, the freed slave who protected the Wild West. Read More

The Enslaved Native Americans Who Made The Gold Rush Possible
January 24, 2018

Native Californians were treated abominably in the area where gold was first discovered. Read More

DNA from Ice Age Baby Uproots Native American Family Tree
January 4, 2018

The Ancient Beringians split off from other Native American ancestors 20,000 years ago. Read More

How Early American Plays Turned Pocahontas into Fake News
November 22, 2017

The mythical 'Indian princess' granted symbolic permission for massive land theft and displacement of native peoples. Read More

Alcatraz Had Some Surprising Prisoners: Hopi Men
November 20, 2017

They resisted government attacks to take their children—and paid the price. Read More

California’s Little-Known Genocide
November 16, 2017

Up to 16,000 Native Americans were murdered in cold blood after California became a state. Read More

Why the Navajo Nation Banned Genetic Research
November 3, 2017

A 15-year-old ban looks likely to fall, but misgivings will linger. Read More

The Unlikely Alliance Between Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull
October 24, 2017

Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull performed together in Wild West shows that toured the U.S. and Europe, and forged what would become a very strange friendship. Read More

Goodbye, Columbus. Hello, Indigenous Peoples’ Day
October 6, 2017

Some cities and states are celebrating Indigenous Peoples instead of Columbus. Read More