History Stories
Mass Grave in England May Hold a ‘Lost’ Viking Army
February 2, 2018

Members of the Great Heathen Army were violently dispatched. Read More

The Coolest Historical Discoveries of 2017
December 12, 2017

Here are the 15 most intriguing finds of the year. Read More

Why the Vikings Struggled in Iceland and Greenland—And Some Didn’t Make It
October 20, 2017

Some of it may have had to do with the environment. Read More

Why Are These Viking Burial Clothes Inscribed with Arabic Script?
October 12, 2017

The Islamic world may have had a bigger influence on the Vikings than previously thought. Read More

DNA Proves Viking Women Were Powerful Warriors
September 12, 2017

It's the first genetic confirmation of a female Viking warrior. Read More

1,000-Year-Old Stump of Wood May Hold the Key to Viking Fortress Secrets
August 18, 2017

It’s the first of its kind to be discovered in more than half a century. Read More

How Did The Vikings Honor Their Dead?
July 20, 2017

Most Vikings were sent to the afterlife in one of two ways. Read More

Viking Camp Comes to Life in New U.K. Museum Exhibition
May 22, 2017

Read More

Danish Viking Tomb Reveals Unprecedented Gems
March 27, 2017

An elaborate gilded horse bridle belonging to a high-status Viking that was recently uncovered in Jutland, Denmark may be one of the most important findings of all time. Read More

Scottish Schoolchildren Give Goldfish a Grand Viking Funeral
March 3, 2017

These kids put their history studies to good use. Read More