History Stories
5 of History’s Most Dedicated Dogs
March 23, 2017

These five pooches are living proof that dogs truly are a man’s best friend. Read More

9 Presidential Pets
December 14, 2016

Find out more about America’s presidents and their pets, including the chief executive who gave his pooches such colorful names as Sweet Lips and Madame Moose; the president who was accused of mistakenly leaving his pup behind on a remote island then sending a warship for him; and the commander in chief who took his pet raccoon for walks around the White House. Read More

10 Famous Elephants From History
August 12, 2014

Whether revered as a divine symbol of luck and wisdom, used as unique tools of diplomacy between leaders, deployed to intimidate opposing armies or put on display in the service of status or science, elephants have loomed large in the historical record. Read More

5 Animals That Helped Change History
September 10, 2013

Find out how members of the animal kingdom have helped shape history for mankind, from paving the way for human space flight to bringing down Bin Laden. Read More