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From the catapult to the stealth fighter, the most basic and the most complex weapons have changed the course of history—and with it, our world. Whether it’s the Chinese fire tube or the U.S. Air Force’s laser-guided smart bombs, weapons have enabled humans to be the ultimate predator and have fueled the expansion of empires. 101 Weapons that Changed the World is the ultimate countdown of every boom and bang.

Necessity is the mother of invention—from darkness, humans found light and from distance, humans developed the telephone that instantly connects people from thousands of miles away. 101 Inventions that Changed the World counts down the highlights of human ingenuity that have changed human lives forever.

What is strength? How is it measured? Why are some things simply stronger than others? In World’s Strongest we’ll find out what makes the strongest tractor, the strongest rope, the strongest tugboats and the strongest natural mineral on earth.

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2016—Top Three Collections:

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  • From the great temples of Greece to the majestic Tenochtitlan, survey the architectural and engineering triumphs of history’s magnificent civilizations in Engineering an Empire.
  • How did the United States become a global superpower? America The Story of Us is an epic 12-hour television event that explores the country’s remarkable journey.
  • From Braveheart to barbarians, go medieval on myths and legends with Secrets of the Dark Ages.

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From extreme marksmen to stealthy spies, go behind the scenes of the Special Forces most extreme covert missions.

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Don’t miss the How the States Got Their Shapes collection before it goes.

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