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How did mankind overcome the possibility of extinction, growing from just a few thousand people to the billions in our world today? How did a primate super species combine the capacity to communicate with the ability to create technology in order to speed up the process of evolution? Through CGI and dramatic reconstructions, look back on major world history milestones, from the Ice Age to the sacking of Rome to the growth of cities and the Industrial Revolution. This is a story of triumph and overcoming adversity to ensure our survival on a harsh and brutal planet. It is the story of all of us and how, against the odds, we survived. This is our story.

Explore how humans have used their defining powers to learn, innovate and adapt in this week’s featured collection Mankind The Story of All of Us. Here is a look at some of the episodes:

  • The crucifixion of Jesus gives birth to a global religion, while the Roman Empire’s vast infrastructure allows goods and ideas to flow across three continents in Empires.
  • In Warriors, Rome is sacked by barbarians and Europe enters a Dark Age. But from the fringes of the old empire, two new forces remake the world, setting the stage for a clash of civilizations: The Crusades.
  • Genghis Khan creates a mighty empire and leaves 40 million dead bodies in his wake. But as a greater killer—the Plague—haunts Asia and Europe, the Americas flourish in isolation.

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New Episodes Added:

Check out American Civil War: Brother vs. Brother for new specials that explore the final days of the War Between the States.

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