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COMING SOON – Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary

In order to successfully complete their surprise attack, the Japanese needed to execute a series of interrelated and complex events. At any point, this world-altering mission could have been abandoned by the commander radioing the code words “Tora, Tora, Tora” (Tiger, Tiger, Tiger).

In this two-hour special, Pearl Harbor: 24 hours later, get an in-depth look at the critical period after news of Japan’s attack reached the president. Drawing on exhaustive research and information provided by the FDR Library, the special gives a rare and surprising glimpse at the man behind the presidency and how he confronted the enormous challenge of transitioning the nation from peace to war.

Is the historical portrayal of the attack on Pearl Harbor as seen in movies accurate? Dr. Donald Goldstein, co-author of the best-seller “At Dawn We Slept”, leads a team of producers on a site survey of Pearl Harbor. Weaving together interviews with survivors who share their stories from that fateful day and computer animation, the attack is re-created. Get a front-row-center seat in Pearl Harbor and witness unseen moments in history.

On Friday, December 2, HISTORY Vault will feature a new collection of short, exclusive interviews with living Pearl Harbor survivors. Don’t miss Pearl Harbor: The Last Word.

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